IDW To Bring Lion Forge Comics to Print

Lion Forge Comics have been one of these quietly growing publishers who, over the last year or so, have started to reach out and start hitting headlines and grabbing attention. With a series of licensed comics, the company have books starring real-world figures, like ‘Rampage Jackson: Street Soldier’ which is based on an MMA wrestler. They also have 80s-tastic licenses for stuff like Knight Rider, Miami Vice and Saved By The Bell.


Alongside that, however, they have a universe of new stories and characters, which they call ‘The Catalyst Universe’. And what I notice – what I possibly shouldn’t notice, but have – is the diversity of the creative teams and the characters in those comics. What I think you see with Lion Forge are a company who are going to really help provide a platform for African-American comic creators to tell stories about racially diverse characters. There aren’t many companies which can offer one or the other of those strands, but Lion Forge seem pretty committed to achieving BOTH.

And that seems very interesting, to me, especially after recent twitter discussions revealed that not a single publisher has approached Brandon Easton to write for them even though he was just NOMINATED FOR AN EISNER! It seems that we’re going to want companies like Lion Forge to come along and provide stronger infrastructure for African-American writers to come through and really get some attention.

It’s not all about that, but it’s just something which seems to be part of the ethos of the company, and I hope it continues. I have actually read one of their comics before – Quincredible, which was a really fun story from David Gorden, artists Gerardo Sandoval and Carl Reed, and Sal Studios providing colours. The concept is the one which roots all the Catalyst Universe comics together – meteors land on Earth, giving people superpowers. But in this case, the lead character of Quincredible finds that he is now invulnerable – but still isn’t a very good fighter. He doesn’t gain a six pack overnight. So how do you stop villains if your only power is ‘not dying’ when they shoot you?

It’s a really fun book, that one, and one which looks like it may now be coming to print.

Because whilst up till now the company’s plan has been for digital-only projects, this week has seen them announce a partnership with IDW, who will take their various comics to print for them. The first two projects will be Knight Rider and Airwolf – but following that, the new properties seem set to come to print also. That includes comics put out by ‘Roar’, which is Lion Forge’s all-ages imprint – which is where Quincredible would land.

So! Things are looking promising for Lion Forge. Let’s see how the next year treats them.

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