The Full Lineup of Artists for ‘The Sakai Project’ Has Been Announced

The Sakai Project, which will be published by Dark Horse Comics next week, is an anthology of artwork collected to raise funds for artist Stan Sakai. Best known for his creation Usagi Yojimbo (and his more recent 47 Ronin), Sakai has in recent years been beset with medical bills which have hit his family horribly.

Fans and contemporaries have subsequently been raising awareness and funds to help him tackle these bills, which led to the announcement of ‘The Sakai Project’ a while back.


This will see a whole range of artists drawing the fabled rabbit for an oversized hardcover collection – with all profits going straight to the Sakai family. It’s been a huge undertaking, and Dark Horse have today announced the full lineup right over here.

Let’s see… we’ve got….

Art Adams, Josh Adams, Neal Adams, Charlie Adlard, Alberto Albuquerque, Rafael Albuquerque, Juan Alvarez, Michael Anderson, Tom Angleberger, Sergio Aragones, Mokhzani Ariff, Alfonzo Azpiri.… yikes, hundreds of people.

Those are just the people whose surnames end in A!

It’s a thoroughly worthy cause, and also a stunning collection of comics art. Perhaps the popularity of this will lead Dark Horse to actually start, y’know, REPRINTING the original Sakai comics – which seems like it’d be a pretty effective way of also raising money for him. For the time being, though – one of the biggest collections of art in American publishing history is going onsale next week, and you’d be doing well to pick up a copy yourself.


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