Top Shelf Reveal Cover Art for Book Two of John Lewis’ ‘March’ Trilogy

This week Top Shelf have revealed the cover art to the highly anticipated second part of a trilogy of biographical graphic novels following the journey of Civil Rights activist John Lewis. It looks as such:

march two

Perhaps the most acclaimed book of last year, ‘March Book One’ was a huge commercial and critical success. Nominated for an Eisner, the book has also been added to the curriculum across America, and is looking as though it’ll become a new educational standard. Lewis co-authored the book himself, along with writer Andrew Aydin, and was a constant fixture on the convention scene across 2013, drawing huge crowds wherever he went. This second book will retain the same creative team, with artist Nate Powell returning also for the 2015 release.

For this second book, the story will move to cover the period between 1961-1963, likely closing with Lewis’ historic speech made on the footsteps of the Washington Monument in 1963. For more details, click the link above – journalist Calvin Reid has an incredible knowledge of Lewis’ life and career, and has been one of the most prominent advocates for the book around.

March Book Two is scheduled for release in early 2015.

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