Kickstarter Club: The Horror Lovers by Valerie D’Orazio and Bobby Timony

Manic screwball horror comedy runs out of the dark and taps us on the shoulder this week, as we take a look at a new Kickstarter launching from Valerie D’Orazio and Bobby Timony. Looking for funding, and currently around a third of the way there, ‘The Horror Lovers’ heads back to the 1950s for a look inside a madcap world of horror b-movies.


‘The Horror Lovers’ is set around the crew of a 1950s b-movie, with a struggling and earnest young screenwriter trying to keep his script together in the face of demanding directors, low production value, and quarrelling actors. Everything seems fit for parody and a quick gag in this series, with each character stretched out into deliberate parody or downplayed into a quirky subversion of the notoriously backstabbing movie industry.



As you can see from the preview pages, this is a really busy comic – it’s full of Timony showing off, and there’s a rush of dialogue, narration, and colliding jokes in every page. This looks like something that’ll be really high-energy, which could be either exhausting or exhilarating over a spread of pages. Judging from this preview? It’ll be the latter.

Timony’s cartooning style has always been impressive, and The Horror Lovers seems as though it’ll be a worthy showcase of his many talents. The characters are distinct and really well-designed – you can immediately see their purpose in the story the moment they appear, and D’Orazio’s scripting plays or twists on that recognition rather effectively.

There’s a stocky quality to the figures which reminds of Chris Sprouse, but an expressive quality in the faces which matches that of Roger Langridge. He juggles background jokes, foreground dialogue, quick-kick narrative and everything else thrown at him with consumate ease.

The Kickstarter is looking for $6500 to print the first issue, and the tiers are well-placed – you can get a digital copy for $5, and a print copy for $10. That’s a far fairer price than you’ll find on many other Kickstarter projects, and looks well-worth signing up for. You can find The Horror Lovers on Kickstarter here.

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