HALT EVERYTHING! They’ve Made A Dazzler Music Video

Drop all the books you’re doubtlessly holding right now and join me in clicking through to watch this music video featuring Dazzler, directed by Arvin Bautista and starring singer Gentry Roth.


Roth performs the song herself, and in the video steps into the legendary skates and spends a day living life as the best X-Man. She roller blades her way around the city, before popping in to check on her law degree and rescuing some civilians from imminent danger. It’s really well done! And really good fun.

The references are all spot-on throughout, and Bautista’s direction makes clear that this is the time of early-Dazzler – when she was struggling for gigs, working a second job, and generally struggling to make the whole superhero/superstar thing gel. Roth wears the 1985 costume, which she wore for a good few years, and most recognisably during the ‘Australia’ period of X-Men history.

It’s also a pretty great song! Working in Dazzler’s ‘Go For It!’ catchphrase, Roth’s voice is a little like a silkier version of Robyn, and there’s a pleasingly 1980s twinkle to the music.

There’s also an extra cameo I won’t spoil here. Watch it now! And may this be but the first of many Dazzler videos!


(Video sent to me by my friend Claire)


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