Marc Ellerby Will be Providing Backing Strips to ‘The Eleventh Doctor’ Series

With the imminent launch of Titan’s first two Doctor Who comics – based on David Tennant and Matt Smith’s iterations of the characters, respectively – comes news that the comics will feature back-up stories from other creative teams. In the case of The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) series, that creative team will be Marc Ellerby and, uh, Marc Ellerby.



Best known for his Chloe Noonan series, as well as for being one of the lead forces behind the ‘Great Beast’ publishing imprint, Ellerby is a spot-on choice for this version of The Doctor. With a penchant for giving his characters wild, fluffy hair, he’s a natural fit to try and conquer that thing which sat atop Matt Smith’s head during his run as the title character. Amy Pond will be the assistant in these stories, with Ellerby thus far making superb inroads into her ability to side-eye everything she comes into contact with.


It looks as though each issue of the series will have a one-or-two page story from Ellerby – we’ll have a word with Titan and find out if the same is true for The Tenth Doctor or The Twelfth Doctor.


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