Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook Reteam for ‘Harrow County’ at Dark Horse

Announcements keep tumbling out of the sky, a bit like those frogs at the end of Magnolia. The newest announcement of the week comes from Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook, who’ll be teaming up for a new horror series in 2015 over at Dark Horse Comics.


Harrow County (County, not country! Keep that in mind, Steve. Ten points for you if you ever catch me making that mistake, readers) is a horror-coming-of-age sort of story, set in a backwoods town where a young girl, Emmy, realises that the ghosts and myths she’s grown up believing in are actually real – and that sets her up for a whole heap of trouble:

All her life, she’s grown up on a secluded farm, and she’s kind of been kept away from everything else. All she knows is this farm, her father and the numerous legends and ghost stories and this feeling that the things that go bump in the night are very, very real. Every shadow she looks at is full of ghosts and ghouls.


Not only does she realise that the world is full of spectral things floating around and being malicious – the rest of her town start to think that she’s more connected to all of this than even she realises, and they start chasing after her. So she goes on the run.

What’s most appealing to me about the book – putting aside the concept itself, which lends to an interesting coming of age tale with a hefty twist – is Crook’s artwork. The pair have worked together, most notably for several issues of ‘The Sixth Gun’ at Oni Press, but here Crook seems to be going for a really old-fashioned style of artwork, like the characters just walked out of the house from American Gothic.

An ongoing series, Harrow County will start publishing in April 2015.

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