Dynamite Have Picked up the License for ‘The Spirit’ and Will be Telling New Stories

Will Eisner’s iconic – and there really is no other word to describe the character – creation ‘The Spirit’ will be returning for new stories with new creative teams later this year, as Dynamite today revealed that they have picked up the license for the character.


The Spirit is so closely identified with the man who wrote and drew his stories. Eisner was (as evidenced by the fact that the comics industry named their most prestigious award after him) one of the most important and inspiring figures in the history of comics. An artist who took comics in a whole new direction and paved the way for every single artist who followed, more or less, he helped define and refine what the medium could do.

His art on The Spirit is some of his best-known work, and it’s a natural fit for Dynamite’s roster of comics – the character is a pulp hero, racing across rooftops with often just his striking red tie visible amongst the shadows. The rights for the character previously belonged to DC, which printed a few new stories but mainly focused on reprinting and collecting the original newspaper strips featuring Eisner’s work.

Eisner wasn’t the only person working on the character, though – he often had other artists involved, including Wally Wood, Joe Kubert, and Jules Feiffer. So the fact there’ll be new people getting involved with the property isn’t too shocking – god help the artist who takes on this series, of course- but it’s a bold and risky move from the company.

Dynamite have not announced a writer or artist for the new stories as of yet, or if they have any plans for reprints. More details later in the year.


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