Monkeybrain Tease Launch of New Series ‘Kings and Canvas’


Possibly just announced via their Tumblr, it looks as though Monkeybrain have a new comic on the way from the creative team of Neil Kleid and Dan Glasl. The story of an ex-boxer who escapes from prison to try and get revenge on the King who exiled him and stole his family, the series sounds… well it sounds utterly deranged.

Here, have a solicitation:

Once upon a time, after ten years of trying, an exiled boxer  punches his way out of prison. Walking across America, he trains a grassroots army of pirate champions, irritable sea dwarves and talking, boxing polar bears to dethrone an unjust king and the evil councilor who’d exiled him years before.

What happens to a man whose life and purpose leave him behind, and how might he create new purpose in an ever-changing land in order to win back his family and punish the unjust? KINGS AND CANVAS—a tale of dynasties, boxing, family and revenge—explores a new world where honor is gained with fists and wits, and one exiled boxer must prepare himself for a war in which he will raise his arms in triumph…or taste canvas in defeat.

See what I mean? Every sentence brings a fresh level of crazy. It’s FANTASTIC! There are no details of a launch date for the digital series other than ‘2014’, so it’s probably best to keep an eye on their Tumblr account to see what’s going on.


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