ComiXology Offer 100 Comics for £6.99 in SDCC Sale

To celebrate SDCC, ComiXology have made 100 comics available as a bundle for the price of £6.99. That’s 6p a comic! All the comics included come from their ‘Submit’ programme, meaning they were brought to ComiXology by their creators – these are self-published works, each and every one.

For the sake of shedding a little light on what kind of books are included in the collection, let’s go through and highlight the ones which I recognise most immediately….


Widdershins by Kate Ashwin, collecting together a first collection of stories from her webcomic. Widdershins has told a variety of different stories over the course of its run so far, mainly set in a historical and fantastical version of Yorkshire.

Giant Days by John Allison, about the friendship which grows between a group of girls during their first week at University. Also contains punching and boxing gloves and secret illicit snogging.

Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits by Vera Greentea and Laura Muller, which is a supernatural tale featuring absolutely gorgeous painted work from Muller. This went to Kickstarter recently and went way over the target goal.

The Pride #1 by Joe Glass, Marc Ellerby, Joshua Faith and Gavin Mitchell. This is the story of a group of LGBT superheroes who, finding that there’s apparently no place for them in any of the other big teams, decide to form one themselves and go save the world a lot.

Dept. of Monsterology by Gordon Rennie and PJ Holden, where a government-sponsored team go forth and track down monsters, so the public never have to find out about their existence.

Wolves by Becky Cloonan – the first of her trilogy of minicomics over the last few years. This one sees a knight of unknown origin attempt to track down a fabled wolf – for reasons that slowly become apparent only once you reach the end.

Blood Blokes by Adam Cadwell, a story of vampires in Manchester, and how they go about their day to day lives in a city where everybody else already looks like one of the undead anyway SORRY MANCHESTER BUT IT’S TRUE YOU DO

Aw Yeah Comics! by Art Baltazar and Franco, which sees the pair bring their much-loved kids characters to life in a madcap comic where anything can happen – calamity, evil dopplegangers, anything.


There’s a lot more as well. Those are just me idly pulling out a few books I’d recommend. There’s all-ages stuff and mature stuff, superheroes and crime, all kinds of things going on there. Go have a look through yourself! Seems like it’s worth a punt, if you ask me.


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