The 1% Get a One-Shot at Valiant by Ray Fawkes and Joe Eisma


Cover by Juan Doe

The ridiculous and often plausible villains ‘The 1%’ from Archer and Armstrong will be the centrepiece of a one-shot comic later this year by Ray Fawkes and Joe Eisma. Having first appeared right back at the start of the relaunch for that series, they were slightly decimated recently in an arc called ‘Sect Civil War’ – but apparently weren’t completely wiped out.

In the launch interview over at CBR, Fawkes says:

This picks up where there’s this attitude in the One Percent where, “Is this business as usual or should we be changing our ways?”  We’re pretty much focusing on one of the characters who believes he has a vision for how the One Percent should continue. He’s a really terrible person, and his ideas of what should happen form the focus of this particular story. I think it’s entertaining stuff.

Valiant have been starting to look at all these slightly different ways of approaching their main universe recently, with jam issues and one-shots starting to appear, and an interest in bringing in new writers and artists to do stories – Fawkes is likely best known for his creator-owned work like the Eisner-nominated ‘One Soul’. Eisma, in turn, is the co-creator of Morning Glories, alongside Nick Spencer. This marks his first work at Valiant.

Archer & Armstrong: The 1% is out in November.


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