‘I Is For Image’ Video Flickers Online

‘I Is For Image’, the video played before Image Expo last night and which features a number of big-ticket creators talking about their history and affection for the company, has been put online for anyone to see. Running at just under nine minutes, it’s a close look at how Image want to be regarded by fans – and how they alternately reach and miss that ambition.

It’s a nice piece, with people like Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, Brian K Vaughan and others all talking about why they came to the company. As this has been such a big year for Image – where they not only firmly announced themselves as the third biggest comics company but also started threatening the traditional dominance of a ‘Big Two’ – it’s fair enough for them to have a little celebration.

Yet also,considering Eric Stephenson’s speech this year focused on diversity, you’ll perhaps forgive me for noticing that, of all the writers and artists featured in the video, there is only one person there who isn’t a white male – Kelly Sue DeConnick. I suppose this is all a delayed reaction because they couldn’t spoil the surprise that Becky Cloonan, Marian Churchland and Corinna Bechko were announcing new projects in five minutes time – still strange for Image to have this vital central manifesto which they so clearly don’t live up to at their own PR events.



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