SDCC ’14: SDCC ’14: ‘All-New Captain America: Fear Him’ Digital Comic from Dennis Hopeless and Szymon Kudranski

The first Marvel announcement from SDCC came today at their ‘House of Ideas’ panel, as the creative team of Dennis Hopeless and Szymon Kudranski will put together a six-issue digital series featuring Sam Wilson, the new Captain America. This follows the, uh, news that Sam Wilson is now Captain America and no longer Falcon. Did I mention that before? Cos, well, he is.

These six issues will all be released digitally at the same time, telling the first adventure of the character as he moves out of the red feathers and puts on the red white and blue suit. And picks up the shield. This’ll be set during between, to be exact, Captain America #25 and All-New Captain America #1.

Also announced by Marvel (Ron Perazza, to be honest) is the news that Marvel’s Infinite Comics will shortly be coming to their Marvel Unlimited service shortly. These are the moving comics, with added bits and pieces to them, which came out during Avengers Vs X-Men and – more recently – Original Sin.

Anyway – here are some of Kudranski’s pages from the Captain America comic.

All-New_Captain_America_Infinite_Comic_1 All-New_Captain_America_Infinite_Comic_2 All-New_Captain_America_Infinite_Comic_3


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