SDCC ’14: Mighty Avengers Relaunches with Captain America in the Lead and Al Ewing/Luke Ross

Following on from the digital comic announced yesterday, today sees further news on the Captain America front. Sam Wilson will be the lead in a relaunch for Mighty Avengers in November, you see, with Al Ewing and Luke Ross on as the creative team for the series.


The team, as you can see, seem largely to have remained intact from the current run of the series, which got praise (for the writing – Greg Land was artist, and people were really not very keen on that) at launch but never had a strong grip on sales. Monica Rambeau is up there on the Luke Ross cover for issue #1, along with Blue Marvel, White Tiger, and I think Luke Cage with rocket feet.

You’ll also see Spider-Man trying to catch up with them in the image – having annoyed all of them back when he was inadvertently ‘superior’, one of the first storylines will see him attempt to rejoin the team, to the particular dismay of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.

Starting in November, Captain America & The Mighty Avengers will be an ongoing series.


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