Marvel Announce New Star Wars Comics with Jason Aaron/John Cassaday, Kieron Gillen/Salvador Larroca, and Mark Waid/ Terry and Rachel Dodson

Now Disney own Lucasfilm, and also own Marvel, this was something people were waiting to see happen: in 2015, Marvel will start to publish new Star Wars comics set during the continuity of the first trilogy. There’ll be a main ‘Star Wars’ series as well as a Darth Vader book, and a Princess Leia miniseries rounding out the initial group of titles.



So, what have we got? Well the very first book will be ‘Star Wars’ by the creative team of Jason Aaron and John Cassaday. Set immediately following the events of the first film – and by that I mean A New Hope, of course – the series will follow Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and a couple of bickering droids as they try to press their advantage following the destruction of the Death Star.

An ongoing series, as best I know, the first issue will be released in January.


The second book in the line will be ‘Star Wars: Darth Vader’, from the creative team of Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca.

No stranger to the world of metal-plated death merchants, having previously both worked (not together!) on Iron Man, the pair will be heading out into the Galaxy for this February-launching series. Once again a series set after the destruction of the first Death Star, the series will follow the hard-breathing villain as he finds himself having to prove his worth to The Emperor after the biggest failure the Empire have had yet.

Being the sole survivor of the Death Star explosion, the book will follow the character as he tries to make amends from that failure, and prove once and for all just how sinister and sith-y and deadly he really is.


The final book in the initial Star Wars line at Marvel will be Princess Leia #1, from writer Mark Waid, artist Terry Dodson, and colourist Rachel Dodson.

That’s right! No Han Solo or Luke Skywalker comic – Marvel know where the real appeal lies. This five-issue miniseries will follow Leia as she celebrates the destruction of the Death Star – but then looks back at what’s been lost. Sounding more reflective than the other two books, this’ll be exploring the fact that her entire homeworld was blown up only a few days ago, with her adoptive (spoiler, sorry!) family still on it. This one is coming in March 2015.

Jordan D. White will be editor for the Star Wars line at Marvel.



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