SDCC ’14: Star Trek Travels to The Planet of the Apes in IDW/Boom Crossover

Written by Scott & David Tipton and drawn by Rachael Stott (!), IDW and Boom Studios have announced a cross-publisher/franchise storyline which will set the cast of Star Trek up against some damned dirty apes.



Crossovers between publishers are becoming an increasingly common sight this year – Dynamite have crossovers with DC and with Dark Horse announced, for example. Yet this marks the first time that Boom have entered into this particular arena, sharing their Planet of the Apes license with IDW’s Star Trek license.

As IDW President Greg Goldstein says in the press release, both properties share a lot in common. In addition to the sci-fi nature of the stories, they both are more interested in telling tales of society and heirarchy than anything else. So this is, I’d say, quite a smart crossover for the companies to arrange. In the story, we’ll have the original cast of characters from Star Trek and from Planet of the Apes.

What caught my eye and got me to write this one up is the announcement of Stott as artist. Best known as an illustrator, she’s spent the last week or so teasing everybody about some giant mural project she’s currently working on and sounds hugely exciting. She’s also a really good artist of body language? I just pinged down her Tumblr blog for you, where you can see how her portraits and sketches have a far more dynamic and human use of body language than you typically see. It’s all waving hands and gangly legs akimbo – proper lush stuff.

I’m excited about seeing her head over to do some big published comics work, and hope it leads into more and more stuff down the line! The story will be edited by Sarah Gaydos, and published through IDW.


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