SDCC ’14: New Projects Galore at the Drawn and Quarterly Panel

I followed this live thanks to Deb Aoki, whose twitter stream across the weekend was a must-follow EVENT! She hit a lot of panels, and covered them fantastically well – spotlighting lots of stuff which didn’t get covered anywhere else.

One of the many panels she covered was the Drawn and Quarterly Panel, at which the publisher announced a truckload of new projects, updated on some of their in-progress works, and started the build-up for their 25th anniversary next year. Comics Reporter have gathered together a bunch of the various things mentioned at the panel, so here’s a quick overview of what was discussed:


The big final announcement was for Drawn And Quarterly: 25 years Of Contemporary Cartooning, Comics And Graphic Novels, which is a giant thing filled with essays, sketches, comics, all kinds of magic.

Above is the cover, from Chester Brown – and there’ll also be material from people like Lisa Hanawalt, Michael DeForge, and Jonathan Lethem, along with an essay by Margaret Atwood on Kate Beaton. It’s due for release in May 2015.



Jillian Tamaki’s excellent webcomic Supermutant Magic Academy, which you can see here and is a book I secretly title ‘Superior X-Men’, will be coming to print next year. Tamaki will be working on new pages for the print edition, which’ll close out the story so the book features a complete narrative and definitive end (or at least, definitive for a volume). When some webcomics go to print, they tend to end at a convenient moment rather than a definitive point, so it’ll be fun to see where/how she ties things up.


(Promo for a previous release of Melody)

Melody by Sylvie Rancourt will be getting republished – all of it – with a translation from Helge Dascher. This prompted many an excited tweet from Heidi MacDonald, so I have to assume this is something well worth following up on. Here, I’ve found a link which tells us more. Uh – nudity warning.

Zach Davisson – who wrote at Comics Bulletin whilst I was there a little while back! – will be translating Shigeru Mizuki’s biography of, uh, Hitler. You might have heard of this project before, as it understandably raised a little controversy when the book was first announced in the original Japanese format. Running at over 300 pages, this is understandably quite a huge project – the tentative release date is for between 2015/16.


The new Michael DeForge comic First Year Healthy, which he’s been publishing online recently, will come to print in early 2015.


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