Monkeybrain to Publish Natalie Nourigat’s Travelogue ‘Tally Marks’

Natalie Nourigat, one of the many varied members of Periscope Studios, has been tremendously prolific as of late. Contributing various stories to a number of places you’ve likely seen – like in The Thrilling Adventure Hour anthology, It Girl and The Atomics, Husbands and several others – she’s really made a name for herself especially over the last year or two.

Her next project is another move off in an unexpected manner, as she’ll be building up a sketchbook while she tours round Europe. And oh! Look! You can see her travel plan here:



Which is also the cover for the digital comic which’ll compile all of the work. Tally Marks, her travelogue as she moves through Europe and sees whatever a Natalie Nourigat likes to see, will then be published by Monkeybrain on an ongoing basis over the next few months.

The first part came out this last Wednesday, in Monkeybrain’s typical unexpected “by the way here’s THIS” fashion, and looks as though it’s going to offer a tremendously entertaining and fun trip through the heart of Europe.

You can find the first issue of the book on ComiXology through the Monkeybrain portal, and there’s also further stuff to look at on her site.


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