Kickstarter Club: Canada’s Lost Hero, Brok Windsor, Returns!

A few months ago a documentary, Lost Heroes, delved into an area of comics history which has been largely overlooked for just the longest time: Canada’s golden age. You see, back in the 1940s, during wartime, Canada restricted the import of all non-essential items into the country – which included comic books. So for a period of time, the only comic books that Canadians could read… were Canadian comic books.

This led to a boom in Canadian-led comics heroes, many of whom were lost to time once Batman and Superman showed up. But! They’re now slowly starting to make their return, thanks to one of the researchers on the project, Hope Nicholson. She’s been working on reviving the dormant properties over these last few months, starting with Nelvana of the Northern Lights, which she successfully reprinted via Kickstarter last year.

That proved to be a success, and she reached out to me at the email address on your right in order to let me know about part two of her plan: Kickstarter campaign raising funds to reprint Brok Windsor. This was a strip created by writer/artist Jon Stables, which were published in Better Comics between 1944-46. You know what? The artwork has REALLY held up!


Press releases were designed to allow me to be lazy, so let’s read this copied-and-pasted bit together, eh:

First created by Jon Stables in 1944 at a time when comics such as Superman were banned from being imported into Canada, Brok Windsor was one of the finest examples of comic art during the golden age of comic books. This rugged medical doctor entered the hidden world of Tarqua, a magical island in the wilderness of Canada. Here he is joined in his adventures by the giants Torgon and Starra, and becomes a giant himself. A unique mix of sci-fi, fantasy, and western, these comic books are like nothing else the era had to offer, and are sometimes referred to as Canada’s answer to Flash Gordon.

Looking for $17000 Canadian to fund the reprint of the series, Nicholson has already made it to just over $12000 – and have over a month left to find the remainder. So! It’s looking, I say cautiously, as though this is on-track. It’s fascinating to see her slowly revive a whole era of comics which had vanished into the Canadian mists, and you can see why she chose Brok Windsor to be the second project – it looks great!


To find out more, head to the Kickstarter page right here!


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