BOOM! Studios Are Teasing a Conspiracy This Week

What are BOOM! Studios up to this week? Well, they’ve been sending me ‘redacted’ press clippings from events in the 1960s, suggesting that there are huge conspiracies and cover-ups going on in America. And hey, I love me a good conspiracy, as evidenced by my C-Grade earning A-Level report on how Kennedy REALLY died.

And wouldn’t you know? It turns out Kennedy’s assassination is one of the first promo pieces BOOM! sent across:


The other press releases follow a similar format:

conspi1 conspi3

And came with a hashtag #WhoCoveredItUp. I checked that out on Twitter, and whoever the creative team behind the series are, they’ve been very good in not posting into that hashtag yet. Good work, creative team! Keep yourselves hidden.

So BOOM! have a new comic coming out which’ll be about Illuminati secrets and creatures living on the Moon and Lee Harvey Oswald likely being revealed as a lizardman descended from John Wilkes Booth or whatever. Like I said – I do enjoy a massive conspiracy story from time to time, and it’s been a while since we had a properly convincing one in comics. So I’m looking forward to whatever this turns out to be.


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