‘The Mask’ Returns to Dark Horse…. Aw Yeah?!

The Mask may now be perhaps best known as the gurning maniac behind Jim Carrey’s career, but the character was being creepy long before the Canadian ever got his mitts on the mischievous mask. Created by Mike Richardson – who is now president of Dark Horse Comics, no less – the character has been appearing in comics since the early 1980s. A lot more… horrific, let’s say horrific, in the comics than in the film, The Mask hasn’t been seen for several years now.

But that’s changing later this year…. as he gets the ‘Aw Yeah Comics!’ treatment. Yep – Art Baltazar and Franco will be turning their hand to the character, returning him in November for ‘Itty Bitty Mask’. This is getting bonkers.


In an announcement interview on CBR with Steve Sunu, Richardson explains that this may well be the first step in a whole movement which brings the character back to comics proper. Dark Horse have just published their final Star Wars comic, and the last few months have seen them react strongly to the loss of their strongest license – announcing a boatload of creator-owned books for the future.

This would tie into that, using the Aw Yeah Comics brand (which catapulted an Itty Bitty Hellboy series into the top ten sales chart earlier this year) to revive interest in a creator-owned character, and stoke the fires for a full-blown return for the series. Itty Bitty Mask starts in November, at any rate, and we’ll have to see what develops in the month that follow.


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