X-0 Manowar Reaches Issue #30 with ‘Armorines’

Itsy bitsy soldier woldiers! Valiant have sent out the news that X-O Manowar, their flagship series, will be continuing on through issue #30, as writer Robert Venditti and artist Diego Bernard set the character against the Armorine characters.


These are, as you can see, tiny little soldiers. Having previously set the character up against ninjas, aliens, robots and, uh, Romania, the next storyline for the book will see the paramilitary unit return to comics. They were previously the stars of their own series back in the 90s, having been previously introduced – as they are here – as opponents for X-O Manowar.

So there’s interesting synchronicity going on there – mayhap this’ll lead to weeny little soldiers getting even more of a spotlight at Valiant down the line. Their return will start in November’s issue of X-O Manowar – like I say, issue #30 of that series, which is Valiant’s longest-running of their relaunched line.

The press release does not indicate who’ll be colouring the issue.

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