Conspiracy Revealed: Justin Jordan and Ariela Kristantina’s ‘Deep State’

So, all these redacted newspaper clippings sent out over the last few week have been… un… redacted… and thusly have brought forth the news that Justin Jordan and Ariela Kristantina will be the creative team for a new BOOM! Studios series called ‘Deep State’. The series will also feature covers from Artyom Trakhanov, seen recently as the interior artist for Undertow.



This would be the first of the three projects teased by Jordan ahead of San Diego last month, then. This’ll be about a man, John Harrow, who is employed by the US Government as a ‘secret keeper’ – it’s his job to make sure conspiracies are covered up correctly, and that the public never find out the truth about various secret plots and events that have taken place over the years.

Set during the 1960s, the Moon Landing becomes one such example of Harrow’s work – Jordan explains that in the series, the 1969 landing was actually the THIRD time man landed on the Moon… but only the first time things went smoothly. As he says in the CBR interview with TJ Dietsch:

the part of the mission you didn’t see was them recovering the bodies from the last trip.

All very ominous, there. The series will begin in November.

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