Interview on CBR! Raina Telgemeier, Calista Brill and Faith Erin Hicks

So I’ve been putting a few things together for CBR which are all shadowy and cloaked in.. uh… shadows. That’s not a very clever sentence. But here’s what is clever: a roundtable interview with three of the greats of comics, which just went up onto CBR today! I got to ask questions round to the trio of Raina Telgemeier (of the NYT Bestselling work ‘Smile’ and soon to be NYT Bestseller ‘Sisters’), Faith Erin Hicks (the Eisner-winning creator of ‘The Adventures of Superhero Girl’) AND Calista Brill, the award-winning senior editor for graphic novel powerhouse First Second.

You can read the roundtable right here! I’m pretty happy to see it go live.


The premise was suggested to me by Raina a little while back – she said it’d be interesting to have a roundtable with people from the world of graphic novels, as they’re a part of the comics world which don’t get the same mainstream attention which, say, Batman or Spider-Man get. She suggested Faith Erin Hicks as the second interviewee, and I suggested Calista Brill as the third – a few chats with PR people like the lovely Gina Gagliano over at First Second, and we were all set!

Pretty intimidating, especially once the line-up – which, hey, was all-female, not even remotely a conscious choice, it was just about picking the biggest and best people out there – meant we’d be addressing all kinds of tangential issues. Why are graphic novels treated differently to comics? Are female creators edged out BECAUSE the mediums they are most prolific in – webcomics, graphic novels, and more – are talked about less?

So I hope my questions weren’t too out-of-place. At any rate, their answers were ACE, and I hope you’ll read the piece. Working on some more stuff at CBR, too, with other people who don’t get the attention they deserve! Webcomics, female creators, graphic novel-makers, colourists, letterers – I want to pitch CBR as much unexpected and awesome stuff as possible, and will continue to do so for as long as I can!


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