Kickstarter Club: Spooky Sleepover by Dave Scheidt and Jess Smart Smiley

To quote Neill Cameron: “you had me at ‘haunted toilet’”.



Spooky Sleepover is a new project from Dave Scheidt and Jess Smart Smiley, an all-ages collection of tall tales and spook-filled suspense which the pair are planning to complete and release in time for Halloween.

Scheidt is perhaps best known as a writer-about-comics, with articles up at Huffington Post and CBR over the last few years. He’s also written a few comics in his time, which have had a tendency to be about some very silly – and funny – monsters. Smiley, also, comes across as a monster fan, having previously created stuff like ‘Upside-Down: A Vampire Tale’ at Top Shelf. So they both come with a strong monster pedigree.


Spooky Sleepover will collect together a series of stories into a 72-page, full-colour book, all offering the mix of monsters and nonsense which have characterised the creative team’s past work. Naming three of the stories “The Terror of the Toilet”, “The Horribly Haunted Bike” and “Dinner and a Werewolf”, you start to get an idea of what you’re in for if you put in a pledge.


And as you can see from the pages here – which are presumably from the first of those three stories – Smiley’s artwork is a cluttered, manic, dynamic thing, packed with sound effects, colour, and hyper-exaggerated physical comedy.

The team are looking for $5000 to fund the project, and are just about to reach the $2000 level with three weeks left to go. If you’re a fan of madcap monster stories to read with the rest of the family, I’d say this is well worth taking a look at!


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