Avery Hill Announce ‘A Quiet Disaster’ from Alex Potts

Avery Hill Publishing – really like that name, maybe because you can’t go wrong with a nice hill from time to time – sent a message along last week to announce the launch of a new 30-page story from writer/artist Alex Potts, ‘A Quiet Disaster’. Painted in full watercolours, this’ll be the first real long-form work from Potts to be published – and it looks pretty great.


From the press release:

A grand existential crisis, a surreal Bulgakovian satire, or simply A Quiet Disaster? We follow Philip on his day off work as he struggles to find meaning and happiness through the everyday decisions that make up a day. Why did he cross that street? Does he keep walking, or shelter from the rain? What will make him happy? And just why is that dog wearing glasses?

As somebody prone to an existential walk from time to time, what I like about the preview pages Avery shared – which you can see below – is the pacing of the comic. We’re following Philip beat-by-beat, as he moves inexorably forward through his town. This is going to be a low-tempo comic, from the looks of it – but low-tempo works just fine for me.

AQD-06 AQD-07

It’s nice to see more small press publishers – Avery Hill are based in London – building up steam in the UK. The book will first be made available to attendees of Comica Comiket next weekend, before being launched on the Avery Hill website. 

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