Rafael Rosado and Jorge Aguirre Reunite in 2015 for ‘Dragons Beware!’

Having worked prior on ‘Giants Beware!’ at First Second, this week the pair of Rafael Rosado and Jorge Aguirre revealed that they’ll be returning to the world of rioting hero Claudette once more in 2015. Her story is a simple one: that of a noble warrior who wants to head out into the World and go fight, just for a little bit, a few baby-eating giants. We’ve all been there.

That she and her friends can’t actually FIND any giants comes as a smidge of a problem, but one she’s determined to try and get around somehow.


Giants Beware was Eisner-nominated This time round, she’ll be heading out to save the World from the threat of dragons, with the help of her cooking-fanatic brother Gaston and best friend Marie, who is a right proper Princess. Years ago, her father came into battle with a dragon, which ate his legs and arm, and took his sword. Claudette resolves to make things right by heading straight to the dragon’s lair and getting the sword back, for her father and for the Kingdom.

The last book was praised up a storm by our Zainab when it came out, and she’s the one who put me onto sight of this one. It looks absolutely fantastic, with lovely artwork from Aguirre which sits between Colleen Coover and Roger Langridge. It’s something all its own, of course, and so here’s a page Zainab shared from the first book, just to give you an idea of what the new book will look like:


Published through First Second, Dragons Beware! is scheduled to come out in May 2015

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