Go Read: Jamie Smart on Setting Up Moose Kid Comics

Across on his Tumblr, cartoonist Jamie Smart has written up a post on the making of his year-long project ‘Moose Kid Comics’, a free digital anthology of all-ages stories. Published a short while ago and still available online, the comic saw stories from a wide range of UK cartoonists, featuring new content as well as established (but significantly cleaned up!) characters like Tank Girl.

In the post, he goes into detail on the traffic the comic has received, as well as how the project went from an idea to a fully-formed reality, and what the future may be – hinting carefully at the chance of a second issue at some point in future. This was a project everybody worked on for free, and Smart estimates it cost around $1000 in total to get running.

It’s well worth heading over to read the whole post, just to get an idea of the scale of the thing.



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