Gotham by Midnight Sees Ray Fawkes and Ben Templesmith Bring Horror to DC

With Scott Snyder ruling the Batman roost right now, it’s no surprise that the central book has had a tendency to lean towards horror over the last few years – but an announcement from DC today reveals a second book which will be solely a horror series, in the form of ‘Gotham by Midnight’.

gotham midnight

From the creative team of Ray Fawkes and Ben Templesmith, the series leads out of the current storylines in Batman Eternal featuring The Spectre, Jim Corrigan. In that book, Corrigan has been leading a little dance with Batwing as they go off after some supernatural nonsense or another, but here he’ll be working as part of a large team of supernatural enforcers called ‘The Midnight Shift’. CBR tells me:

The Midnight Shift also includes Corrigan’s partner, Detective Lisa Drake, forensic investigator Dr. Szandor Tarr and religious consultant Sister Justine

So already – pretty diverse mix of characters there, in another sign that DC really seem interested right now in trying new concepts, characters, and genres in their titles. Batman editor Mark Doyle’s done a lot over the last few months, and this is another unexpected series with a surprising creative team.

It also looks like, while there may be a sprinkling of Batman round the edges of the series, this is taking a leaf from ‘Gotham Central’ and will be portraying him as an outside force, a presence who doesn’t make himself known very often round Corrigan’s beat.

Gotham by Midnight starts in November.


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