Kickstarter Club: Monsterwood by Jason Rosen and Steve Ellis

I usually run Kickstarter Club on Saturdays, but David Gallaher just pointed this one out to me and it ends this weekend – so let’s skip a beat and run a little spotlight early, eh?


From Jason Rosen and Steve Ellis, Monsterwood is seeking $14500 as a target, and is currently only a couple grand away from reaching that goal. This is billed as a coming of age fantasy series, in which Princess Jocosta and peasant-boy Jovis are forced to make allies and head off on a mission to journey through the perils of the Monsterwood.

The Kickstarter is for part one of a planned three-part series of books, each running at around 60 pages. If you’re familiar at all with Ellis, you’ll know that monsters and adventures are right in his wheelhouse – he also does the ‘Only Living Boy’ webcomic with the aforementioned Gallaher, which seems thematically fairly close with this Kickstarter project. Rosen, meanwhile, is the owner of ‘Skinwalker Studios’, a design studio where both the creative team work.


If you head over to the Kickstarter page, you’ll find all manner of stuff going on there – videos, teaser art – so you’ll likely be quickly able to work out if it’s the sort of thing you’re interested in.

As a UKer myself, one thing to keep in mind is that Kickstarters have become infamous for stinging creators with international shipping fees – as a result, many US projects have steep overseas shipping costs. If you back this project, for example, you’ll be paying $40 for the book to be shipped to you. Keep an eye on the shipping whenever you back a Kickstarter project, you guys!


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