Thought Bubble Launch Their 2014 Art Competition

For the last few years, Thought Bubble have not only been running one of the best comic festivals in the world – they’ve also put out an annual comics anthology, featuring a range of artists. Typically the anthology is made up of the artists who attend that year’s festival, but there are also all kinds of other people involved. And, most recently, the festival have been running an art competition for new talent.


And so that’s my long-winded way of saying “their competition is now running for 2014”. Over on the website, they give the full details – they have a category for those aged 12-17 and one for 18+ participants, and the top three entries for each category will see their work featured in next year’s anthology! That means you can put a credit in your portfolio that you’ve had work published at Image! Pretty good, eh? There are also comics prizes and all kinds of other things going on.

If you’re an artist , head over there now!

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