Preview: Chip Zdarsky Puts the ‘Sin’ in ‘Original Sins’

Chip Zdarsky comes to Marvel comics next week, for a short section in the ‘Original Sins’ anthology tie-in book thing. This ties in to the big ‘Original Sin’ event, which was a story where some eyeballs got nicked, a big bald guy got shot, some old guy started flying around the Moon in a robot suit, and The Punisher and Dr Strange developed a smouldering sexual chemistry with one another.

For the tie-in, people like Ryan North and Ramon Villalobos have been doing short stories about various other characters in the Marvel Universe – ones who weren’t used in the main storyline. Characters like the Young Avengers. For his story, however, Zdarsky has decided to go for broke and really reveal the dirt on all the A-List characters.

And Beast.

As so:

zdarsky sins

This also officially puts Chip Zdarsky into the Marvel Universe as an employee of Nick Fury. Somebody update ComicVine!

You can find preview of the other stories over at Newsarama.


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