Michael Stock, Nico Stock, Sina Grace and Hope Larson Team for All-Ages ‘Penny Dora and The Wishing Box’ at Image

Over at Hero Complex, Image have announced – I think for the first time, who knows – a new all-ages miniseries from the creative team of Michael and Nico Stock, Sina Grace, and Hope Larson. Conceived of by Nico, the series will be written by her father Michael and drawn by Grace, lettered by Larson.


A reimagining of the Pandora’s Box myth, the story was originally thought up by Nico Stock – an eight year old who published the story in her school magazine. Showing it to her father, a radio DJ, he brought her on the show to read the story on-air to his listeners. Which is where things started to really go somewhere special.

Building the story together, the duo caught the attention of Grace, who has been an editor, writer, and artist over at Image – and he brought the script to Larson. The result is a five-issue miniseries, starting in November, with the whole team helping out on parts of the story and art – Nico (now thirteen) remains a creative consultant on the comic, as she has a weekly chat with her dad about what’ll be happening next.


Larson’s variant cover for issue #1

The story sees the eponymous hero Penny Dora – joined later by her friends, her mother, and her cat Iggy- find a mysterious box on the day before Christmas which asks her “what do you wish for?” This then draws her into a massive adventure she could never have expected – filled with surprises, twists, and possibly even some winged kittens. We’ll have to see.

Hey, and as you’ve all been good this year – here’s two preview pages!

PennyDora lettering template

PennyDora lettering template

Issue #1 of the miniseries will be released in November.


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