Bill Watterson Auction Raises $62000 for The Michael J. Fox Foundation

Earlier this year cartoonist Bill Watterson – creator of Calvin and Hobbs, a man who doesn’t allow licensing of his creations, keeps himself private, and hasn’t been releasing anything new for quite a while – was revealed as the man behind three guest comics in the newspaper strip Pearls Before Swine.



Created by Stephan Pastis, Pearls Before Swine is syndicated in newspapers around America, and generally features himself interacting with a series of animals, children, and other characters. Having previously done a strip in which he downplayed his own artistic ability but complemented Watterson, the pair got in contact and decided to create three strips in-secret.

Caught first by, I think, The Outhousers, rumours started to abound about the possibility firstly that there WAS a guest artist – Watterson drew in Pastis’ style, rather than his own – and then about who the guest artist was. When it was finally revealed later in another Calvin & Hobbes homage strip later that month, people flipped out about it.

Watterson confirmed his work shortly afterwards alongside Pastis, and this month saw those three strips auctioned off to benefit Parkinson’s’ Research charities – specifically to Team Cul de Sac, set up by Richard Thompson and associated with the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

With the auctions now closed, the auction house have announced that the three strips were purchased by three separate collectors, and have raised around $62000 for charity. Almost half that total comes from one strip alone – the second of the three:


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