IDW Announce ‘The Bigger Bang’ from D.J. Kirkbride and Vassilis Gogtzilas, Wheeyyy

As a resident fan of both D.J. Kirkbride and Vassilis Gogtzilas, today’s proven to be a somewhat brighter day than usual, as IDW have announced that the pair will be the team for a four-issue miniseries in November, ‘The Bigger Bang’.



Gogtzilas does this amazing painted artwork, you see, which looks simultaneously completely distorted and disjointed and all in place with itself. He exaggerates, re-proportions, and thoroughly muddles with the way you think of character and perspective, and the idea of him doing some sequential work is utterly thrilling.

And you’ll know D.J. Kirkbridge from projects including Amelia Cole over at Monkeybrain, which I think could well be the most prolific of their books by now. I’ve not read him doing cosmic, galaxy-spanning stuff yet, but this super-gigantic scale isn’t anything he hasn’t casually brushed off before – I have to imagine this’ll be just as good as all his OTHER open-world comics.

In the press release Kirkbride describes the idea thus:

It’s a comic about forging one’s own destiny despite circumstances of birth or the past… starring a space god in orange tights, a three-eyed green warrior lady, and a Cthulhu in a flying space castle.

Yep! Onboard. A four-issue miniseries, The Bigger Bang will be released in November.


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