First Second to Translate/Publish all Six Volumes of ‘Last Man’

Pushing aside the other publishers engaging in the mad rush to get involved, it appears that First Second are the ones who have won the right to publish French creator Bastien Vivès’ series ‘ ‘Last Man’.


Revealed yesterday by our ol’ mate Zainab over at Comics & Col— wait, at Comics Alliance?! Oh my stars — it looks as though First Second will be collecting all six volumes of the book over the course of the next few years. They’ll be putting out three books a year, so it appears, and translating them through into English.

Last Man is a work by Vives, Balak, and Michael Sanlaville. I can’t say I know anything about it, which is why you’re probably best off just heading to Comics Alliance & Cola to find out everything! Ah, sometimes I offer you wisdom, sometimes I offer you fluttering worthless linkblog ashes. Such is the lot of a reader of a comic book website, and we must all but live and smile and grow where possible. Alors, alors.

The first vol of Last Man will be released in March 2015.


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