Action Lab’s Comics Go DRM-Free – At A Lower-Than-Print Price

When ComiXology named the publishers whose comics were going DRM-Free, there weren’t many surprises – Image were there, as were Monkeybrain and Thrillbent. The companies who are known to be creator-focused, in other words. But one minor surprise was that Action Lab Entertainment weren’t in that list, as they’re well known to be at the forefront of digital comics as a company.


But no more! This week saw Action Lab take their place alongside those other companies as they announced that their comics will indeed be offered DRM-free on ComiXology. Even more notably, however, they also announced that from now on their comics will be launched at $0.99 each for the first two weeks of release, before moving to $1.99 thereafter. Their books will also be published digitally just as they show up in the Diamond Previews Catalogue, meaning they’re pre-empting comic stores.

That’s going to be interesting. Dark Horse attempted that a while back, and stores angrily reacted against it. I wonder how Action Lab will fare if their comics start doing the same. In the press release, they state that the idea is to give readers a chance to look at the comic online – and that’ll provide the incentive to pre-order thereafter. Which is a smart pitch to make, I’d say.

All very interesting.

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