Both Superior Foes of Spider-Man and New Warriors End in November

Marvel’s latest solicitations scythe has cut short the run of two of their team-y style books, with both New Warriors and Superior Foes of Spider-Man ending that month. The former will be clipped short following issue 12, so that’s the first year likely completed and ending with a solid conclusion. The latter went on for a little longer, and will finish with issue #17 – far later than even the creative team had expected.


New Warriors was a book I heard nothing from once the first issue came out, which is usually a sign of an amiable comic which hasn’t sparked anything in the readership. It’s noted in articles like this one at Comics Alliance that the series was perhaps the closest in tone to the original comic that ‘New Warriors’ has been over the course of four or five volumes, and was a book which featured a lot of previously-cancelled characters (like Scarlet Spider) in the same team.

Meanwhile, Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber’s Superior Foes was a pretty acclaimed book, which heralded a creative turnaround for Spencer after a series of poor comics like the roundly-panned ‘Iron Man 2.0’. The series focused on a group of B-List Spider-Man villains as they scrambled for a big score – betraying and backstabbing one another as often as possible. It was a comedy during a time where Spider-Man fans were worried about the dark-and-edgy stuff that was taking over the books, and received a lot of praise from fans and critics over the course of the run.


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