Dynamite Launch DRM-Free Comics On Their Site

What did I tell you? DRM-free comics are going to be the next step in developing digital comics as a whole. Following Valiant’s deal with DriveThruComics to offer DRM-free comics online, now Dynamite have announced that they, too, will be offering DRM-free comics away from ComiXology.


Their alternative site will be their own site – the company come from a retailing background, and so it makes sense for them to develop that online market personally. They’re pitching this launch as part of their tenth anniversary, and so on top of everything they’re kicking off their new DRM-free comics with a massive discount. To start with, the following ten comics will all be offered online for 10 cents apiece:

  • Blood Queen #1
  • The Boys #1
  • Evil Ernie: Origin of Evil #1
  • Jungle Girl #0
  • Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet #1
  • Miss Fury #1
  • The Mocking Dead #1
  • Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time #1
  • The Trial of Sherlock Holmes #1
  • Vampirella #1

And the company also say that a tenth of all money raised across this month will be donated directly to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Dynamite CEO Nick Barrucci says:

Expanding into DRM-free content, made available directly to consumers from our website, is simply giving the consumers the option for what they want and how they want it, and continues to reach out to a non-traditional comic-reading audience, and then bring those readers in to the direct comics market to our retail partners. We’re optimistic that the availability of comics in a digital fashion will continue to draw new readers to the medium, helping to continue to complement the growth for physical sales through our retail comic store partners.

Following the trend we’ve seen over the past few years in our industry of digital helping to grow the physical for retailers and the market overall, the world’s continuing love affair with books in print will benefit from a surge in Dynamite interest.

You can find out more at Dynamite’s website here.


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