The First New Valiant Character to Headline a Book is Punk Mambo

Created during his run on Shadowman, Peter Milligan will be teaming with Robert Gill for a one-shot issue in November which is all about Punk Mambo.


Cover by Russell Dauterman


She is, y’know, a Peter Milligan character.

This marks the first character created since the Valiant relaunch to get their own title. Up to now, all the books put out by Valiant have been relaunches of new characters and teams – Punk Mambo is less than a year old, and now is headlining a one-shot story.

Might that indicate that Valiant could possibly be branching out and adding new properties and characters to their line? Possibly so. In the launch interview with Patrick A. Reed on Comics Alliance, Milligan is cagey… with every question, actually. But also the one where asked if this could lead to further comics focused on the character in future.

The one-shot will be released in November.


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