Comics Roundup 23/08/14: Best American Comics and The Demon Drink

In which we collect together bits and other bits and yet more bits alongside even extra bits that weren’t covered by The Spire properly this week. Here’s a random gathering of stuff to get you in the mood for a new week of comics!


Comics Alliance preview the third issue of ‘Bee and Puppycat’, the KaBOOM! series based off Natasha Allegri’s amazing cartoon series. Cleaning up the house – not fun to do, but strangely fun to read about? Weird, innit.

Oh, and also on the Comics Alliance front? This week they were joined by our oul’ pal Zainab Akhtar, who’ll be a regular contributor over there from now on. Hurrah! This is also the week in which Graeme McMillan and David Brothers had articles published in Playboy, so it looks like all kinds of cool people are finding new places for their writing. Hurrah once more!

There’s a fantastic, lengthy process post by The Etherington Brothers on their ‘Long Gone Don’ series. It’s all focused quite carefully on world-building, scale, and perspective – and so well worth a read I hope you’ve all quit this tab mid-sentence to go peer at it.


Forbidden Planet offer a reminder that Lizz Lunney’s month of comics continues apace, including the image above.

If you’re a fan of monsters, The Phoenix are running a competition where one lucky entrant can name a new fiend who’ll appear in an upcoming issue of the magazine. Head here to get your submission in!

Comics Reporter have word that Bill Kartapoulos is now accepting submissions for comics to include in Best American Comics 2014:

We are currently accepting submissions for The Best American Comics 2015, which covers new, North American comics (including Canada and Mexico) published between September 1, 2013 and August 31, 2014. We accept eligible submissions in any format and of any origin, including self-published and online work. Work can be submitted for consideration to the following address:

Bill Kartalopoulos
Series Editor
The Best American Comics
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company
215 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10003

All work that is submitted will be considered seriously. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

Christian Ward and Matt Fraction have put a five-page digital-only prologue for their Image series ‘Ody-C’ online. It’s vibrant, incredibly striking, and wonderfully coloured. This looks good:


Comic Book Resources interview what’s almost the entire creative team of Watson & Holmes, a take on the classic detecting duo which transposes the characters to modern-day Harlem. This is in support of a Kickstarter for the series, which is just about to end here.

They also interview Alex de Campi about the return of her ‘Grindhouse’ series at Dark Horse, which tells a selection of two-issue stories modelled on classic exploitation genres – revenge pieces, blaxploitation, and the like.

Hey – those two interviews were conducted by me!! Plug Plug Plug.

Downthetubes have caught that OFFLIFE will be hosting their next ‘Quickdraw’ event London this September

And finally – Marvel will be publishing a tribute to a three-year old superhero fan who sadly died in an accident earlier this year, after being approached by artist Sanford Greene. Robot6 cover the story.



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