Marvel Reveal Deadpool Photobomb Variants, Fact that Photobombs Don’t Translate to Comics

The latest round of celebrations for Marvel’s 75th Anniversary comes in the form of some new Deadpool variant covers, in which the official jester of the House of Ideas photobombs various covers in true Deadpool style. So far they’ve revealed six of the planned twenty covers, and in the process also revealed that photobombs… don’t work very well on comic book covers. Witness:


Good heavens, that’s one of the worst covers of the year. By Pasqual Ferry, that’ll be the variant cover for issue #33 of All-New X-Men. The perspective and focus is fairly awful on that one, isn’t it? The X-Men seem jammed right into that doorway, and the joke doesn’t work at all.

This one, below, is the variant by Kalman Andrasofsky for Rocket Raccoon #4. The problem with this one isn’t particularly the art (although it doesn’t particularly suggest a photobomb, rather two characters standing next to each other) but the woeful joke.


You can see all the covers over at CBR, but I have to say this last one here – by Bobby Alcio Rubio – is the best of the lot.


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