Claire Keane’s Debut Book ‘Once Upon A Cloud’ Swooshes Onto Shelves in 2015

If Kate Brown recommends something, you should go find it – that’s one of the best known rules of the internet. And here she’s pointed out the news that Claire Keane – an illustrator and animator fresh off a stint working at Disney on projects like Frozen and Tangled – will be publishing her first picture book in 2015.


‘Once Upon A Cloud’ clearly nods towards her prior work whilst pushing a singular and wonderful narrative voice, as it follows a young girl who floats up into the sky one day to embark on a grand night’s adventure. She’s off looking for a present to get her mum, and decides that the only present good enough must be one taken from the stars.

This is her first picture book, and is due to be published by Dial Press – an imprint of Penguin – in Spring of next year. Here, why not go get lost in a swoosh of preview pages right now? And after, you can find more of her work right here.

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