Every Panel Ever: Panel Three

What’s the best way to get people interested in comics? Show them some comics. Every day The Spire posts a comics panel, with the ultimate goal of one day having posted every single panel which has ever been written, drawn, edited, inked, coloured, and lettered. It’s, y’know, obviously going to happen.

We’ll start with the really good panels, of course – and I’ll share where you can find the comic in full.

Rat Queens! Written by Kurtis J. Wiebe and drawn by Roc Upchurch. This is one of a series of really funny comics over at Image right now, by creators best known for working AT Image, and have found their way into an audience. The series is about, basically, a team of adventurers living within an RPG.

It’s on the same sort of level as Skullkickers for tone and style, only with far more swearing. It’s also really really well done, and the creative team have a brilliant handle on the sort of joke pacing they want. So good, in fact, that even the colouring now plays a role in their jokes. See:



One joke in each panel, there, but the final panel gets a boosted laugh from the blank background – it freezes a moment in time, blots out the rest of the world, and firmly lays that deserved shame on the hapless Gary. Rat Queens is a heck of a lot of fun – this moment is taken from the first trade, ‘Sass and Sorcery’.


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