Dark Horse Are Adding a Load of All-Ages Graphic Novels to Their 2015 Lineup

As reported by Calvin Reid at Publishers Weekly, Dark Horse Comics have committed to a stronger push for all-ages content in 2015. The company have released news of four incoming graphic novels suitable for all ages which’ll publish across the start of next year, all under the keep of editor Sierra Hahn.


The first of these is Rexodus, a series which posits the idea that dinosaurs didn’t go extinct – they instead left the Earth and settled on a different planet. Dinosaurs weren’t stupid, you see – they were highly intelligent creatures, and build ships to flee the Earth before it was decimated by something called ‘the black blood’. The series, by James Farr and Jon Sommariva (based on a concept from Eric Lee and Paul Wizikowski, character designs by Sean “Cheeks” Galloway) looks at what happens in the present day once scientists realise what was really going on – and the dinosaurs come back.

courageous princess

The next is a reprint of Rod Espinosa’s Courageous Princess, which was originally released in 1999 by Antarctic Press. This is about Princess Mabelrose, an unorthodox princess who is more content causing trouble than dressing up nicely and attending fancy balls. Distanced from her home after a series of events, she wanders through the mystical and fantastical elements of her Kingdom as she attempts to find her way back. There had been rumours that he was planning to relaunch the series with new stories, and perhaps publishing all the older volumes at Dark Horse will eventually lead to those new stories at the end? Keep an eye on that one.


Samuel Teer and Hyeondo Park’s Veda: Assembly Required is the story of an orphaned girl called Veda, who lives and works in a giant factory. It’s a rough life, until she finds she has the ability to talk to machines – promptly befriending a robot called ‘Assembly’, who teaches her the Laws of Machines, she finds herself heading off on a deadly adventure. This is set for March 2015, and I believe marks the first published work from Teer.


The fourth story for 2015 will be ‘Return of the Gremlins’ from Dark Horse CEO Mike Richardson and artist Dean Yeagle. I believe this is collecting together the previous comics by the duo, which took the Roald Dahl characters and span them off into their own world – the above cover is taken from their previous three-issue miniseries of the same name. This new collection will be in hardback format.

You can find further details about the move at the Publishers Weekly article above – but it’s good to see the company ensuring that they have a strong lineup of all-ages titles as they move forward.


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