DC/Becky Cloonan Provide an Introduction to the Class of Gotham Academy

DC have released a trio of Becky Cloonan-drawn teaser posters which each reveal a little detail about the cast of the upcoming ‘Gotham Academy’ series. With each one spotlighting a different character, here’s a first proper look at what each of the main characters will be bringing to the series. To wit: swarthy gazes abound.


Obviously we’re all very disappointed by how buttoned-up that shirt is. This has been noted.

Best known, of course, as Goth Academy, the series will be co-written by Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher, drawn by Karl Kerschl, and coloured by Romain Gaschet – who is doing a particularly brilliant job with the interiors, actually. Cloonan highlighted his work recently on Tumblr, and it looks spectacularly atmospheric and gothic.


But onto these characters – we have the main character here, who is obviously called Olive Silverlock, along with brother/sister Kyle and Mia ‘Maps’ Mizoguchi. See how each character has something in the image to symbolise their character? Olive is the golden girl who heads to Goth Academy on a scholarship, Kyle is a world-class tennis player and sports fan, whilst Maps is nicknamed so because she’s an aspiring cartographer.


All very nice! Gotham Academy opens doors in October.


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