Every Panel Ever: Panel Five

What’s the best way to get people interested in comics? Show them some comics. Every day The Spire posts a comics panel, with the ultimate goal of one day having posted every single panel which has ever been written, drawn, edited, inked, coloured, and lettered. It’s, y’know, obviously going to happen.

Here’s Corey Lewis.



Who is best known for his own series Sharknife, but has also done bits and pieces elsewhere as well – with some of the most manic, unexpected stuff turning up at Marvel. He did a couple of shorts for the X-Office, including a Longshot story which provides the panel above. This is, y’know, an absolutely crackers story, with dimension hopping, music, robots – everything thrown in.

It may well be the only time Longshot has ever been bearable.

Just one panel and you KNOW you want to read the rest, right?


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