Travel Foreman’s Zuerst Science Fiction Magazine Is Almost Ready

Long-teased and hinted about, Travel Foreman has started to talk more openly about his comics anthology ‘Zuerst Science Fiction Magazine’, which will see him debuting a bunch of new characters and stories. This will include, as CBR note, ‘The New A-Holes’, which looks like a pretty canny take on the Power Rangers concept. Look upon them:


There will also be all manner of other things going on, as you can see in the CBR article linked above. This character, also, looks faintly familiar, right?



I had no idea that Foreman had been working on some creator-owned stuff, but this is ace news. He’s best known probably as the most prominent artist running Animal Man with Jeff Lemire, as well as a run on Immortal Iron Fist and a number of other projects at DC too. His idiosyncratic take on action, movement (and anatomy, deployed to horrifying effect in Animal Man) marked him out above the typical DC house style, and won Animal Man more plaudits than perhaps any other DC title of the New 52 era.

More updates on Zuerst will likely follow here. Keep an eye out! He predicts it’ll come out either the end of this year, or start of the next.


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