Comics Roundup 30/08/14: The King’s Birthday and Archie Takes a Soaking

In which we collect together bits and other bits and yet more bits alongside even extra bits that weren’t covered by The Spire properly this week. Here’s a random gathering of stuff to get you in the mood for a new week of comics!


It would’ve been Jack Kirby’s 97th birthday last week. Tom Spurgeon offers just a sample of why we consider him to be The King. Also, if possible, please consider making a donation to The Hero Initiative for the occasion.

I wish I had John Martz’s bookshelves.

Chris Sims looks at the life and times of Cassandra Cain, a Batgirl introduced as part of the ‘No Man’s Land’ story with a unique identity and profile – only to later see both vanish entirely as she was swept underneath the rug of continuity and forgotten about.


In preparation for NYCC, Amy Reeder has created this year’s ‘Brooklyn Defender’ hero, who’ll be keeping a watchful eye on the booze at the convention in October.

Multiversity continue their annotations for The Wicked and The Divine, a series which seems like it was made for such things.

They also start to annotate Grant Morrison’s Multiversity storyline, as Matt Meylikhov goes into more detail than you could ever have imagined – and as an added bonus, I leave a stupid comment right at the end. Whee!


Andrew Wheeler explores recent superhero designs like Batgirl, Shatterstar and Loki, explaining how a redesign – set up correctly – can completely revitalise a character.

The Outhousers take the piss out of AXIS

I thought Carla Hoffman offered a really interesting take on the most recent issue of Daredevil – the one where he went to visit his mother.

And finally – Archie takes the ice bucket challenge:


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