Every Panel Ever: Panel Seven

What’s the best way to get people interested in comics? Show them some comics. Every day The Spire posts a comics panel, with the ultimate goal of one day having posted every single panel which has ever been written, drawn, edited, inked, coloured, and lettered. It’s, y’know, obviously going to happen.

Here’s Jess Fink in ‘We Can Fix It!’ by, uh, Jess Fink:



We Can Fix It! is a comic which plays into the fact that everybody already assumes Jess Fink is a time travelling superhero, as the cartoonist sends herself back into her own timestream to catch up on her past sexual history. Travelling through time at random, she hops in at various moments in her life to check out what relationships she’s in at any given time – tracing her own sexuality through the story.

It’s tremendously fun, especially once Fink decides to smash straight through the whole prime directive of “don’t mess with your own past” and starts talking to all her past selves. She starts off by offering advice and ideas, commiseration and celebration with the past Jess’s, but then starts going a little, uh, further. At any rate, it’s a really smart way of setting up a biographic comic, and routinely offers you a pleasing glimpse of the fact that, yes, Jess Fink really IS a time travelling superhero.


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